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A fertilized hen is seen at a poultry farm in the rural area of Kolkata, India, on Aug. 31, 2016.

A fertilized chicken is seen in a feedlot in the southern city of Surat on Oct. 5, 2016, the first time a hen has been able to lay eggs on its own since it was created.

The first fertilized chickens to be released to the wild have been sold at the farm.

The next two weeks will be the last in which the hen lays eggs on her own, said the farmer who owns the farm, who asked not to be named.

In the past, farmers have paid thousands of dollars for fertilized chicks and then left them in their fields for the birds to hatch.

They would then be taken back to their farms and sold.

But now, this is the first hen that has been allowed to lay an egg, said Manu Ramachandran, a farmer and an expert on fertilization.

His chickens were first allowed to hatch two weeks ago, he said.

A group of people hold a placard reading ‘Fertilize, breed and release chickens’ during a rally against the closure of a poultry farmer’s farm in Chennai, India on July 26, 2016.(AFP Photo/Shreya Chatterjee)”I’m happy with the outcome,” said Ramachan, a chicken breeder from the northern city of Rajasthan.

He has been raising chickens for nearly 30 years and has never lost an egg.

He and other farmers are now able to sell the eggs to customers.

Ramachandan said that even though the farmers can no longer breed, the chickens can be raised again if they want to.