High fertility rate is not necessarily a good thing October 11, 2021 October 11, 2021 admin

Ireland’s fertility rate has fallen to its lowest level in nearly a decade, as the country faces a record number of women seeking assisted reproductive technology, according to the latest figures.

The fertility rate, the number of babies a woman can expect to have before she dies, fell to 2.75 babies per woman in the first quarter of the year from 2.8 in the second quarter.

The figure was slightly lower than the previous quarter, when it was 2.81.

The rate of births is forecast to reach 5.5 per woman by 2021, down from 6.3 in 2021.

The Irish fertility rate fell to 1.9 in the last quarter of last year, while the UK had an average rate of 2.7 babies per 1,000 people in the same period.