Trump administration’s egg-shell fertilizer rule ‘not a good idea’ September 17, 2021 September 17, 2021 admin

U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson are scheduled to visit Pacific fertility center on Tuesday to unveil a rule that is expected to dramatically increase the amount of fertilizers used on the islands of Oahu and Maui, the White House said Tuesday.

The rule would be one of the largest and most ambitious to date in the United States.

The policy would increase the size of U.P.C.’s Egg Shell fertilizer to 2.3 million pounds, up from 1.6 million pounds under the Obama administration.

The agency is also proposing to increase the U.K.’s fertilizer production from 200 million pounds to 300 million pounds annually, from an estimated 3 million pounds today to more than 40 million pounds by 2026.

The policy would also require the U, P and M administrations to monitor their eggshells to ensure that the fertilizers are used in accordance with the best environmental practices.

Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis said the new rule would not affect U. S. military operations.

“This is not a good, environmentally sound way to use the world’s most fertile land and it’s certainly not a plan to increase greenhouse gas emissions,” he said.

Tillerson and Perdue are scheduled for a bilateral meeting with Pacific fertility coordinator Kim Kwan, who will discuss the Trump administration plan.

Perdue is also expected to visit Maui and Oahu on Wednesday, as well as a group of farmers in the Pacific Northwest.

Trump is considering a raft of environmental initiatives in the coming weeks.

On Tuesday, the administration will unveil an environmental impact statement to formally announce its plans for the Keystone XL Pipeline project.

Perseverance and environmental protections will be a key element of Trump’s efforts to achieve his campaign promise of bringing jobs and investment back to the United State.

The new plan, which was released at a White House press briefing, will be presented at the end of the week.

Last month, Trump signed an executive order creating the Department of Agriculture’s Pacific Fisheries Service.

Perkins Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Affairs oversees the agency, which has been tasked with protecting and managing the ocean’s most vulnerable marine habitats.