‘Funny’ and ‘Heartbreaking’ on ‘Fruitvale Station’ September 28, 2021 September 28, 2021 admin

When she first watched “Fruitopia” back in 2015, Jennifer Lawrence was “a little nervous,” she says, “because it had all the same kind of action and drama that I was used to in “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” but this one was more about a lot of heartbreak.

The character was a bit like a teenager that’s in a relationship with a teacher, and he dies.”

Lawrence also notes that her character was “very relatable” and “not the stereotypical teenager.”

“I think that there’s a bit of a difference between a lot [of] teenagers and a lot people who have these issues,” she continues.

“And I think that’s why I loved it.

There was a lot more depth to it, a lot less cliché and a whole lot more emotion.

And the story wasn’t about me and the teacher, it was about the relationships that are happening between two teenagers, so that was really important to me.”

While the plot of “Frontera” may be set in the ’80s, it’s actually set in 2020, and Lawrence says that while she “always wanted to do the film,” she’s not sure what that will be.

“I know I’ve got to go back to work,” she laughs.

“It’s a very long time, so I’ve gotta figure out what to do.”

But Lawrence doesn’t think the film’s ending will be too different from “Frozen.”

“Frantera” was a big hit in theaters and garnered critical acclaim, but Lawrence believes it will have a better reception in theaters than it did in theaters.

“The story of ‘Fronteras’ was about these characters who are so young, and that’s what it’s about,” she tells EW.

“When I think about the ‘Frozen’ film, it has a very, very different tone, it takes place in a very different time period, and it’s just about these two young girls, who have this connection and they’re so connected, and they’ve got so much love and affection for each other, and I think they’re going to resonate a lot better in theaters, because I think it’s more about the characters and the characters are more relatable and more human.”

Lawrence says she hopes audiences “will go back and enjoy it, and will go back in and enjoy the film.”

Watch the trailer for “Frentera” above.