How to make homemade fertilizer in 10 minutes August 12, 2021 August 12, 2021 admin

Indian home fertilizers, fertilizer and seed packets, fertilizers and seed are sold all over India, but the price of these products varies widely, and they are generally more expensive than imported products. 

This article will tell you how to make your own homemade fertilizers in 10 min. 

The steps for making fertilizers are the same as you would do in making a conventional fertilizer, but this article will teach you how much you can save in the long run by simply making your own fertilizers. 

You can also buy homemade fertilizer packets from your local market. 

Fertilizers can be purchased either as a kit or individually packaged. 

I personally buy a kit of fertilizers for around Rs 1,000 (about $1). 

You will need a pot, a glass jar, a pot lid and a small dish. 

For the kit, I use a glass pot and lid and I use about 2 teaspoons of the mixture per square meter. 

Using this recipe, you can make 5 liters of fertilizer per day. 

Here is how you make fertilizers: 1.

Start by making the mix.

You can buy fertilizers by weight, but you can also purchase the mix from home. 


Put the mixture into the glass jar and pour it over the top. 


Pour the mixture in the jar and place it in a glass dish or container. 


Cover the lid with a piece of plastic. 


Leave the lid on for at least 15 minutes. 


After 15 minutes, remove the lid and open the lid. 


Add the water. 


Allow the mixture to sit for a couple of hours, stirring often. 


After about a week, the mixture should have a green color and smell of freshly picked tomatoes. 


When ready to use, fill a jar with the mixture and leave it in the fridge overnight. 


When you want to use the fertilizers from the fridge, put them in the oven at 150 degrees Celsius (350 degrees Fahrenheit). 


The fertilizers should be ready to eat. 


If you want a higher yield, use a more concentrated mixture. 


You could also use a different recipe for fertilizers to see if you get a better yield. 


You will need to make the fertilizer from scratch, so this article does not cover this. 


The ingredients for making homemade fertilizing is simple. 


If you want more than just fertilizers you can buy a commercial fertilizer. 


It is advisable to buy fertilizer seeds from a local market, and you can even buy fertilized seed packets online. 


Also, if you are looking to make a batch of homemade fertilization, make sure you use fertilizers that have been properly processed and sealed. 


To make homemade fertilizations, the fertilization mix is placed in a jar. 


Next, the mix is covered with a plastic sheet. 


Fill the jar with water.


Place the lid in the lid-open position.


Remove the lid, open the jar, and pour the fertilized mixture in. 25. 

Take a piece off the lid that is covered.


Put it into the jar.


Leave the lid to stand for a few hours.


When you want the fertilizing to be eaten, pour it into a food processor. 


Process the fertilizations. 


Close the lid of the food processor and place the food in the water bath.


Drain the water from the food.


Store the fertilised fertilizers until ready to cook.


Make a batch by using a different fertilizer. 


Now, add the fertilisers to a jar and leave for a while. 


Use a food mill to make more fertilizers  36. 

Let the fertilizes cook for a bit before eating them. 


Enjoy the fresh taste of homemade fertilizer!