UK farmer to buy fertiliser from US-based fertilizer company July 21, 2021 July 21, 2021 admin

UK farmer Jeremy McLean will buy fertilisers from US fertilizer company Pioneer Hi-Flex to boost his crop production.

The fertiliser is sourced from a German firm that has been growing the seed of wheat for more than 40 years.

The UK-based company said Mr McLean’s crop has grown by an average of 8,500 per cent over the last five years and that the fertiliser was needed to maintain the high yields of the land.

The company also said Mr Mares was a pioneer in the fertilising of soil.

“It’s a new technology that’s a natural byproduct of our farming and is an integral part of our soil fertility,” the firm said in a statement.

“We have used this technology to produce over a million tonnes of fertiliser in the past and are keen to continue to grow the product as the demand for fertiliser increases.”

Mr McLean is the latest in a string of UK farmers to buy seeds from Pioneer Hi Flex.

Last year, Mr Mclean bought wheat from the firm for £2,200 ($3,600).

This year, he plans to buy more fertiliser.

“I’m looking forward to this and it’s a great opportunity for me,” Mr McLeod said.

“My next target will be to try to grow wheat next year.”

“I think the seeds will be there for a long time and I will be able to harvest and sell them for around the same price as they were when I bought them.”