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More Articles by Carolinas fertility InstituteCAROLINA — Fertility rate in the Carolinas fell to 6.3% in January, down from 7.5% in December, and the rate is the lowest since March 2017.

The news comes as the state has taken another hit in the recession, and as the economy is expected to contract for a fifth straight month in the second quarter.

Carolinas unemployment rose to 6,500 in December from 5,000 in December.

But the state’s economy has recovered and is projected to return to full employment in the fourth quarter.

In December, the state lost about 7,700 jobs, or about 7% of the population.

Families in Carolinas are in for another rough patch, as unemployment in the state rose to 8.3%, up from 7% in November.

In the past two years, the number of registered family households has increased by 2.5%.

The unemployment rate is much lower than the national average, at 5.5%, according to the Census Bureau.

In 2017, the fertility rate in Carolins rural counties rose from 6.1% to 6%, according the Department of Economic and Community Development.

Last year, the rate was 5.7%.